Modular UPS


New Modular UPS range available – MasterSystem Evolution

The new MasterSystem Evolution, grows by power and battery modules, allowing expansion in terms of power and autonomy. The growing needs of the client and its installation can be met in a progressive manner.

The new Evolution series, can really evolve with the your needs.
Evolution is available in single phase/single phase, three phase/single phase and three phase/three phase versions, according to the needed inputs and outputs.

Easy to upgrade by simply adding power or battery modules in parallel. This can even be done by the user, with no need to disconnect the system  -  The modules are hot-swappable and  can be easily plugged in or out.

Can be used to create complete redundancy, with the available mode of parallel redundancy, by which the parallel modules can be set to share the load or even replace another module in case of failure. This means a large increase reliability and assures the continuous operation of the loads.

Its easy and quick to repair,even the user can replace the malfunctioning power module. If the system is configured to be redundant, it won't be turned off, maintaining the usual loads even with a malfunctioning module.

It possesses high communication and remote management capabilities, having the following available interfaces: SNMP, RS232, dry contacts and other optional interfaces. Its management Software is capable of monitoring and shutting-down remotely. Evolution can communicate remotely with any system and network environment.

Evolution is the most indicated UPS for high risk, critical applications (such telecommunication, banking, industry, critical networks, central servers, etc.
Evolution, the modular UPS, that evolves module by module and is truly uninterruptible …
Evolution the true UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply.

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